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Taste Of India Multicuisine Restaurant started with a team to help Indian food travel across the globe. We have started our journey in NSW, Australia, because of how everyone is captivated by the Indian cuisines. So, it’s time that you experience the following:

  • Vibrant Indian food colors at the best Indian restaurant in NSW
  • A healthy meal with a luscious texture
  • Exotic aroma with traditional dishes 
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Food Catering Service


Fresh Food


Authentic Indian Meal


Indian Food Options

Fine Dining Indian Restaurant

Taste Of India Multicuisine Restaurant brings you a culinary experience to try out the different varieties of Indian food at the fine dining Indian restaurant in NSW. Right from the ambiance to hospitality, you will have the time of your life. Time to have an exceptional gourmet experience.

Biryani – Best in Town

Pani Puri – True Indian Style
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